The Rights of the Girl

Girls Not Lesser Citizens

One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria.

The most powerful agency of change for the modern woman has been Nigeria’s formal education system, from which a large number of elite women have emerged.

Intelligent, educated, and confident, they can be found in all leading occupations; they now challenge many aspects of patriarchy and are gradually organizing to ensure that the political arena expands sufficiently to accommodate them. source: Britannica 

The education deprivation in northern Nigeria is driven by various factors, including economic barriers and socio-cultural norms and practices that discourage attendance in formal education, especially for girls.

About 27.2 percent of school age girls in Nigeria are currently not enrolled.

More than half of those millions of Nigeria’s children not attending school are girls. And the challenge to get girls in school is greatest in Nigeria’s northern states where culture, tradition and the economy bar so many girls from getting a good education.
VOA News

Girls Not Pawns

The Boko Haram crisis has forced 1.4 million children to flee their homes. Many are girls in fear of being used as pawns in political negotiations.

Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping
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Girls Not Brides


Girl Child Labour in Nigeria is the high incidence of girls ages 5–14 who are involved in economic activities outside of education and leisure.

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