Our Vision

Volunteers as change makers.
Education as the pathway.
Children as the future.



We are a team dedicated to serve the course of humanity by giving back to the society by promoting and enlightening the community on the importance of Education, also to Supplement Government efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education in Nigeria and to inspire Students to imbibe Reading culture.

As a Non Governmental Organization, we are focusing  on advocating for Quality Education and improved learning conditions in both government and private owned Schools. This is in accordance of the Vision 2030 Sustainable Development Goals  and the  Passion of our Founder- Jacob Olaoluwa, SULE

As a team, we also share the same philosophy that Education is a tool with which one can change the world for the best.


We are the iRead To Live Initiative, an NGO committed to achieving and advocating for Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education in Nigeria and promoting reading cultures in Students and youths.

We are currently working in Ifetedo community, Ife South Local Government, Osun State Nigeria with the Management and Teachers of  Public Schools, by volunteering to Teach different topics and subjects in various schools, providing Students with Textbooks, Exercise Books, Writing Materials and other Educational materials to aid learning process.

In promoting and enlightening the community on the importance of Education, we adopted the PTA Meeting strategies, where parents, teachers and notable stakeholders hold meetings often times to discuss and sensitize Parents, Guardians on the need to enroll their Children and Wards in school(s)  rather than using them as laborers on their farmlands knowing fully that Framing is predominant in the community.

The teaching session is tagged iTeach FTD 2018; it is a project where volunteers are drawn from the state-owned university to assist Teachers and to further enhance our interaction with students.

In order to effectively imbibe reading culture in Students, we recently launched the establishment of iRead To Live Reading Clubs in some schools so as to encourage students to value reading.

The Annual iRead To Live Quiz /Public Speaking/Essay Writing Competition is also one of our strategies adopted to help build Students confidence, sharpen their oratory skills and prepare them for the future ahead of them, to mention a few.


Promoting and advocating for quality and equitable education for all, connecting rural areas by organising academic and extra curricular events.


To supplement government efforts in achieving the sustainable development goals of quality education in Nigeria.


We have a desire to reach out to the Nigerian and African child that deserves quality education and self-empowerment; as well as mental alacrity but with less or no capacity to attain the feat.