Children’s Day

Merging sports, equality, wellbeing, and literacy.


The Annual Children’s Day Program (“the Program”) is to commemorate the day set aside by the United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF). This year’s event is in line with the initiative’s Sports and Education strategy and with the theme - 'Balancing Academics’. Our target group is Junior Secondary school pupils to Senior Secondary Schools JSS3- SSS3 between the ages of 10 through 18 in line with the initiative’s sports education strategy in the plan for 2018 -2019.

The overall outcome of this project is to engage the students in a competitive mindset as well team spirit from their youth and give them relevant exposure to informal and hands-on learning by speaking in the best language that unites them-sports. This will also be a medium to gather more youths from surrounding communities and sensitize them on the SDGs and the outcome will be that 80% of youths that will have attended that tournament will go back home with an awareness of the SDGs and the rationale behind it and will spark conversations around it and by so doing, the seed of awareness would have been introduced and subsequent projects undertaken by the initiative will further drive the subject and expand its reach