iReadtoLive Initiative

Dedicated to the development of sustainable and authentic projects linked to Global Contexts.



The Occupy Middle School and Seoul Foreign School Collaboration is a global citizenship education initiative, dedicated to sustainable, authentic, differentiated, tech-integrated, and global-issues-based action. MYP Global Contexts and Sustainable Development Goals guide teachers, teams, and divisions through project-based-learning work that embeds meaningful citizenship, disciplinary standards, and language objectives for diverse populations. Through effective formative assessment and a workshop environment, students and teachers are engaged in higher-quality, lower-stress action and projects that can make a difference in the lives of learners and others.

OMS/SFS Partnership for the Goals

Globalization and Sustainability:
Investigate, plan, act, and reflect on how we can creatively link global contexts to authentic, sustainable action

01. Content Objectives

Each grade level, core subject will walk away with a sustainable action project linked to:

  • MYP Global Contexts
  • A toolkit and resource bank of global issues activities and curriculum possibilities
  • A project grounded in empathy, authenticity, standards-based, problem-seeking and problem-solving, engagement and empowerment, publishable outcomes, and fun.

02. Language and Literacy objectives

Possessing common vocabulary and a common toolkit for attaining our content goals.  These common practices will be rooted in:

  • Investigate-Plan-Act-Reflect cycle
  • Common action planning models for students (root cause, pyramid lite, passion + talent…)
  • Empathy-driven hook activities to make student action more powerful
  • A common lesson approach to support English language learning population in Global Contexts work
  • Formative and summative assessment tools and links to standards in Global Contexts projects.

03. Formative assessment


04. Publication and Celebration

Teacher teams and/or grade level subjects will share and celebrate an attainable project, linked to:

  • Global contexts
  • Disciplinary content objectives
  • Language objectives for diverse learners
  • Manageable formative assessment
  • An implementation plan for the 2018-19 school year.

“All the SDGs come down to education…” 


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